About us

We have already had patients from Canada, Israel, England, Switzerland and Germany, so we can state that smiles which became more beautiful due to our work are from many countries of the world. Our aim is to make our clients happy and contented, so we use our high-quality technological equipment and excellent primary materials in order to find the best solution for our patients in the quickest way possible.

Our clinique

Our clinic was built in 2021 and it is equipped with the most modern appliances so our doctors are helped with the best high-quality technology and the patients can benefit from the maximum comfort.

Our history

Our goal is "The best of everything", because the quality working conditions and the basic materials used make the work of specialists easier and ensure the best possible results.


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Dr. Fazakas-E. Szabolcs

CEO, clinic owner, implantologist

Dr. Éva Fazakas

general dentist

Zita Préda


Beáta Bojnár